Small Business Bookkeeping


QuickBooks On-Line Software

  • Reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts
  • Income and expense tracking and analysis
  • Invoicing and payables
  • Basic payroll processing
  • Project management

Microsoft Excel

  • Track monthly changes to the bank balance
  • Track income and expenses

Daily Money Management


  • Assist with bill payments
  • Annual required distribution forms and distribution process
  • Charitable donation payment and tracking
  • Reconciliation of bank account check registers and balance confirmations
  • Annual tax filing coordination - organize 1099’s and report deductible expenses for filings
  • Medical insurance claim management
  • Establish and maintain a filing system
  • Trust administration
  • Estate adminsitration
  • Eliminate old paperwork, complying with IRS requirements for retention and secure disposal
  • Budget planning for improved cashflow 
  • Ensure important documents are secure in documented locations 
  • Act as a liaison to Power of Attorney, Financial Advisor, Accountant and other professional services

Daily Living Assistance


Personal Assistance

  • Manage client's doctor's appointments and act as liaison for family members
  • Manage and accompany to appointments such as the DMV, shopping, or bank
  • Assist with purchasing personal hygiene products, clothing or groceries as needed
  • Coordinate appointments with doctors, hairdresser’s
  • Order, write and address Holiday cards
  • Act as liaison to children or other designated family member providing updates on client’s health and well being
  • Ensure critical correspondence receives proper priority and timely completion

Property Management

  • Manage landscaper and coordinate annual upkeep of property
  • Coordinate contractors for interior and exterior repairs including getting estimates and overseeing the work
  • Manage cleaning services
  • Ensure that house or apartment mechanicals are serviced per contract e.g.; HVAC; water softener; sprinkler system

Caregiver Management

  • Coordinate hiring, training, management of in-home caregivers
  • Payroll processing using QBO for non-agency caregivers
  • Assist with preparing the home for "Aging In Place"

Determine the Right Community

  • Accompany you to see different CCRC's and Assisted Living communities
  • Provide a financial analysis comparing different options
  • Help you evaluate your budget to determine affordability
  • Coordinate document review with your attorney and loved ones

Relocation Services

  • Help determine items for relocation
  • Dispose of unwanted furniture, clothing and other tangible items
  • Ship furniture and tangible items to family or friends
  • Assist with the sale of vehicles